♟ Standard Grade

These pins have minor noticeable imperfections
Visible upon close-up inspection, viewing the pin in a specific angle or arm length.
Perfect for pin art collectors. 


Examples of expected Standard Grade imperfections

Minor scuff marks, scratches, buff marks, colour staining, an excess bump on metal plating, decent amount of blemishes, oxidation, uncoated on metal plating, colour fills that aren't very smooth, minor noticeable specks, pores, dust, microbubbles, slight discolouration, slightly smudges, misaligned screen-printing, lowover or uneven fills and posts are slightly wiggly/unstraightened.

♟ Seconds Grade
These pins have obvious major noticeable flaws and imperfections
Visible upon close-up and afar. They are very flawed and best recommended to be used as accessories.


Examples of expected Standard Grade imperfections

Major scuff marks, scratches, buff marks, colour staining, an excess bump on metal plating, major specks, pores, dust, microbubbles/bubble, discoloration, stain, very large smudges, deep scratches, or heavy oxidation of the metal, very obvious overflowing, out of position screen-printing and completely underfilled colours, uncoated metal plating, very rough colour fills/ not mixed properly, posts might be bent/unstraightened/wiggly. (Attempts to straighten them will be made) Unforeseen problems or imperfections.

♟ One Grade
These pins are not graded
They are a mixture of standard grade and seconds grade with no refinement done and are usually offered if the pins are too small or if they are preorders.
Examples of expected One Grade imperfections
contains both standard grade and seconds grade combined. Hit or miss, lottery type of grade.