※ Upon making any purchase of product from this store, it is assumed that you have read, understood, and agreed to all risks written on this site valid on 20/4/2021.


Please note the following points before purchasing:


①  Delivery Risk 

Once orders that have been delivered to third party mail carrier or logistic, Yencatx is no longer held responsible for the delay or whereabouts of the items. Therefore you have agreed to the possibility of losing your purchased orders. With the waiting period of a minimum of 56 days / 8 Weeks / 2 months and beyond, your purchased orders may have been delayed from poor traffic management in shipping handling by third party logistic base of the country that you live in. 


Customers are still responsible for custom / tax duties that may occur due to the law of the customer's addressed country. Please consult your local post office for further questions relating to the whereabouts of your purchased orders as they are most capable to assist you. 


②   Import tax 

Yencatx has no knowledge of the regulation of imports tax of your countries. If your local post service disregards contacting you for payment of your imported tax duties, please check with your local post office if your package did not arrive within the stated estimation date.


③   "All sales are final" policy

Once you have made the purchase, you may not return the product for any refunds. Exception of doing partial refunds are when processing orders, (to cover transaction fee) within 72 hours (3 days) of since purchase, are cancelled.


④  ・ Premade / Preorder

Delays are to be expected for all/any preorders. Please also note that the products will only be shipped when all of items have arrived.


⑤  ・ Replacement of faulty or lost product

Yencatx is capable of providing you with a replacement for free under 3 conditions.

(1) Your last dispatched timeframe is beyond what was stated in our delivery guide.

(2) Stock is still available.

(3) Shipping costs for replacement will be covered by you.


⑥   Go Green

Yencatx will not provide any packing slip or receipt of all orders unless requested. For a more environmental friendly lifestyle, we hope to transition from the usage of plastic to recycle friendly packaging in the future. As of right now, it is beyond Yencatx's budget.